Video Game Blog Post 6: Sketchpad- An Advanced Digital Art Website

Although I think Paint-a-Long is a great starting resource for a 1st grade classroom, I think the website overall has its limitations. In addition to the lack of several components of great digital games and learning opportunities, the website always has a lack of tools for players. For example, there are not many drawing tools available for students: the colors are limited and there is only one type of drawing utensil available. While I think there are benefits to simplicity in a 1st grade classroom, I wanted to find another resource that would be similar to Paint-a-Long but would further engage student’s creativity and learning of digital tools. I found a website called Sketchpad, Your Digital Makerspace, that has wonderful resources and tools for students to use on their digital sketchpad website. Below I have attached several screenshots of me playing this video game. It is evident through these screenshots how Sketchpad has many more tools for players to use when drawing and creating a picture. I think Sketchpad would further engage students due to how fun and interactive the game is. When I was playing, I found myself so excited to try out each tool and mechanism. I was much more engaged creating my digital art on the sketchpad than I was on PBS Kid’s Paint-a-Long. I think both video games would be beneficial in the classroom and can be used in unique ways to further student learning.

(Screenshot as I play on Sketchpad, 9/28)

(Screenshot as I play on Sketchpad, 9/28)
(Screenshot as I play on Sketchpad, 9/28)

The tool bar is provided on the left-side of the website. Screenshots below demonstrate the complexity and aplenty of tools available to players.

(Screenshot as I play on Sketchpad, 9/28)
(Screenshot as I play on Sketchpad, 9/28)

One thought on “Video Game Blog Post 6: Sketchpad- An Advanced Digital Art Website

  1. Hi Mary, I really like how you furthered your exploration by adding on this more advanced sketching game to Paint-a-Long! While Paint-a-Long is really good for basic drawing like shapes and perfect for a first grade classroom, I can definitely see how this sketching game is more developed and could be more useful to older students. This game could really help students to foster their artistic side because of how many tools and options there are for drawing and making art work. This game could further student’s learning first by making them more creative and it can help them to become problem solvers and see things from other points of view because of how many options there are to draw and to create a picture. Also, I think this game could even more so develop Gee’s principle of identity in students because in giving them more options and choices to express their artistic ability, it will allow them to be even more creative and take on even more identities.


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