BlogPost Three: Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum

(Screenshot from Pixton on our computers, 10/6)

Kervin, L. & Mantei, J. (2016). Digital storytelling: Capturing children’s participation in preschool activities. Issues in Educational Research26(2), 225–240. 

YAMAÇ, A., & ULUSOY, M. (2016). The Effect of Digital Storytelling in Improving the Third Graders’ Writing Skills. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education9(1), 59–86.

Husbye, N. E., Buchholz, B., Coggin, L., Powell, C. W., & Wohlwend, K. E. (2012). Critical Lessons and Playful Literacies: Digital Media in PK-2 Classrooms. Language Arts, 90(2), 82-92.


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