Video Game Post 2: Implementation In The Classroom

There are many ways that Paint-a-Long can be implemented in the classroom to engage students and further their learning. For example, when learning about shapes and how to form them, the shape option and character option are great ways for students to practice forming their shapes. To learn the basics, students can first choose the shapes option and follow the steps to forming each shape. Once students are comfortable with each shape, a great way to encourage them to develop a deep understanding of the shapes is to manipulate the shapes by forming characters, in the “build a character section.” This helps students understand how their learning of shapes can be incorporated into daily activities such as drawing. Another great way to implement this into the classroom is for Paint-a-Long to be an option during “flex time.”  Sometimes in my classroom my cooperating teacher gives students 10-15 minutes of flex time where they are given several options to choose from. I think Paint-a-Long would be a great option for students as it is student-friendly as well as a safe website for students. My teacher is always looking for websites that students find fun and engaging, and I think Paint-a-Long would be a great resource for a 1st grade classroom.


One thought on “Video Game Post 2: Implementation In The Classroom

  1. Hi Mary I totally agree with all your reasons as to why this would be a great game to implement into the classroom. I think this game would be a great resource in any elementary classroom like you said. I really like what you said about how this game could help students learn how to draw shapes because I remember learning how to draw shapes in second grade and we did not have a fun game to help us along in our understanding of these shapes. I think if I was in second grade, I would really enjoy painting shapes in this game as I learn about them. It just seems so much more interactive and fun than just drawing with pencil and paper. It reminds me of Gee’s co-design principle because if students get to be really creative in a game and get to make it their own, they are going to be much more engaged.


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